Our Approach

Sparking Connection for Gender Balance

The process starts with an inquiry. At GenderARC, we ask:

  • What if there was a healthier integration and more gender-balanced perspective throughout your working environment?
  • Does your culture gravitate towards a more traditional masculine or feminine approach?
  • What would this balanced-perspective do to the way your organization is led at all levels, how the vision, strategy, and structure are held, how teams collaborate, and the impact on your business results?

It’s About Your Organization

The approach is highly customized to address the unique needs and challenges of your culture.

  • It’s a multimodal, educational, experiential, and inspirational perspective to explore healthier ways to communicate and connect across gender.
  • The experiences creates healthy gender connection at the personal, leader, team, and organizational levels.
  • Inspires and deepens creativity, curiosity, and compassion through the lens of your workplace culture.

What GenderARC Provides

An approach that integrates gender inclusion and balance at all levels in a comprehensive way. It includes assessments, vision and strategy development, customized program design and development, and measurement and metrics. Program development that is based on sound organizational development and gender dynamics theory, grounded in data and research for women and men, and is steeped in the organizational realities around gender dynamics.

GenderARC workshops, retreats, training programs, coaching and consulting services supports:

  • Leadership in examining their make-up, structure and dynamics to better understand where more gender balance is needed.
  • Teams more effectively bringing integration, understanding and insight into practice around real-world challenges.
  • Cultures where women and men come together into a shared conversation to explore new ways of connecting, collaborating and working together in more authentic and constructive ways.